Bohren und Dübeln

Bohren und Dübeln - hier ist Timbertex der Spezialist schlechthin.

Multi-stage automatic drilling machines provide maximum precision. Special attention is given to the exact position of the drill hole, the specified depth and a visually tear-free, clean design. Accurate and clean drillings are made in one pass, both in the edges and in the surfaces. Just like blind holes, through holes can be drilled into the surface from both sides.

We create shelf support holes or rows of holes with 25 or 32 mm spacing and fully customized to customer specifications.

Timbertex is also equipped for:

  • Elongated drill holes for height adjusters
  • Drill hole rows on both sides
  • Offset drill holes and stepped drill holes
  • Drill holes with glued-in dowels


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