Quality and sustainability – that is what we live and strive for every single day. This begins with the procurement of our wood-based materials, continues with environmentally friendly manufacturing and ends with the dispatch of the goods.

Environmental issues are complex and affect both the economy and society. Thus, Timbertex’ environmental policy is based on the principle of sustainable development.

We see a clear responsibility and make it our task to continuously improve the sustainability of business processes on the basis of national and international environmental legislation and recommendations. We pay attention to every reliable solution that helps to prevent environmental damage and to provide the most responsible processing of natural resources.

The two seals PEFC and FSC guarantee that the wood we use does not come from questionable sources, but rather originates from certified, near-natural forests with strict management requirements. In practice, it means that no more wood is logged than will grow back, thus ensuring that biodiversity is preserved.

We deliberately refrain from processing tropical wood.

After all, we are PEFC and FSC certified to preserve biodiversity and to protect the environment.


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